Her “worst” has no precedent over my love for her

Had an awesome day. I took my kids swimming and then watched an awesome movie at the theater. So now, we are on a Liam Neeson kick. HAHA Once again, my kids amaze me with their sweetness and thankfulness. They are beautiful children inside and out. The “meme” that I shared above is in no way, shape or form meant to be derogatory towards my bride. We can surely all agree that everyone has their “worst” and “best”. Let me just say this……. her worst is peanuts compared to mine. But obviously, after spending 15 years with her there is a good chance that I did see her worst. Thinking of my worst scares me. It brings so much regret. If I think of her worst it just drives up my love for her. I am thankful that she is not perfect. I am glad that there have been things happen that cause me to either forgive her or hold a grudge. I cannot sit on the fence. I cannot hold things against her and also claim that I love her. Let me reiterate, her “worst” is forgivable. She DESERVES my true & heartfelt forgiveness. She is the most amazing woman that I know.(not kidding) There is no replacing her. I want to be the man who thinks of her more highly than any other soul on this planet. I think of her face, her laugh, our memories etc. These thoughts are continually in the front of my mind. This is how I know that I am doing the right thing. One day….. I pray….. hopefully sooner than later…… my bride will thank me for being stubborn and waiting for my family. I know that over time I can mend her hurts. At my age right now I just loath having all of this hurt between me and my bride. In one instant…….. we could put everything behind us and live a beautiful life. There is not many things that I am sure of…. but this I am positive of. I just received word(as I was typing) that her grandfather has passed away. I would love to be able to hug her. We have been through so much together(good, bad & ugly). I know that she doesn’t want me there for her but I want to be her shoulder to cry on. Or even the one who would sit in silence with her as she mourns the loss. I am thankful that she made efforts to see her grandpa. Regrets are terrible things. Believe me, I know. My prayer is that my beautiful bride sleeps well tonight…. wherever she may be. I pray that she wakes up energized and full of life tomorrow. All that I have of her right now are pictures and memories……. but I cherish them. I love you lady. Forever.

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