Jan 12th 2018

I am in a tough spot. Last Tuesday when I went to work at the cleaning company. The Manager of the company (not my friend. My friend is the owner) beratted me infront of a client. She said horrible things to me. About my cleaning and about me as a person. It hurt so much. And I am no snowflake. She said I was the worst cleaner she has ever seen. Said she doesn’t understand how I have had a cleaning company of my own for so long. Basically calling me a scammer. She called me incompitant. Anyway, it was so bad…the client was home. And even the client came up to me and said “Don’t let her get to you” that’s how bad it was. G (my Bio-Dad) wants to set me up with a Job Agency. Making $20/hour. I am seriously thinking about it. My husband wants me to jump in head first. However I don’t want to burn my bridge with my friend. Her and I go way back. I havn’t told my friend about what went down on Tuesday. I am not into starting Drama. And I absolutely know that what the manager was saying isn’t true. I have been in the industry long enough to know my worth. It did hurt hearing that. If she thinks that will get me to “be better” then she is wrong. I thrive on Positice reinforcement and respect. You know..like any decent employee. I can clean circles around this chick. Its just an ego trip. I was warned by the other employees about her. Very very warned. They told me that she is threatened by me. That she thinks I will steal her job. (Haha haha) that can’t be further from the truth. I am not going to take her fucking job! She can have it! Kudos to her. But there is a way she can talk to people with out spitting in there face. Personality clash I guess. Just telling you..the $20-$25/hour job is looking good. At least I won’t be shit on. I told my husband about what happened. What I said, what she said. How I reacted, how she reacted…and he wants me gone!! He said if it happens again between us, to just walk out of the house take the bus home and don’t look back. I am not that savage…I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

2 thoughts on “Jan 12th 2018”

  1. She sounds like such an awful person. If working for your friend means you will be stuck with this toxic person all the time, it may not be a healthy environment. Wish you luck w/this.

  2. She sounds terrible. My current boss, will belittle people in front of customers. NOT COOL! Many people who do that, in my experience anyway, are most likely threatened by you. They need a way to show their worth and their power in front of other’s. In their twisted minds, they are justifying their own flaws. You may love your friend, and job, but I would tell your friend about it. Sounds like the awful person, is jealous of your relationship with your friend in the first place, and tell your friend, if it happens one more time, there is an opportunity for you to go elsewhere, that you will not hesitate to take up on. Do what is good for you, weigh those pro’s and con’s. If you have a knot in your stomach, every time you have to work with bitch face, then it is time to move on. YOU don’t need that harassment, embarrassment, or verbal abuse.

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