January 12th, 2018

I’m not going to tell you who I am. I’m not going to make a profile picture or even how old I am because lets face it the world is cruel and maybe me.. us being anonymous. But I can just tell you my day was shit. Like I just love sitting in a desk for hours taking an exam that may or may not be useful to me one day or for me to find out I got a great grade on it but doesn’t even boost my grade. Or maybe the face that I tried to eat healthy today and it worked with a veggie wrap and carrots until little girls with girl scout cookies looked at me like the world was going to fucking end if I didn’t buy a box of thin mints to support them.. and maybe the box of thin mints were kinda yelling at me to grab them and take them home so me and it can have a binge in Vampire diaries and Dr.Pepper. Its currently midnight and honestly I am such a grandma I don’t know how I am still up right now. Maybe it’s because of Channing Tatum all over my TV screen right now strippin to music that’s horrid but delightful only because I see him in it. I don’t think I am going to make this into a “diary” sort thing maybe like a blog that is more anonymous because lets face it diary are fore emotional wrecks and I am only a wreck on weekends and emotional on weekdays. So maybe everyday I will write about a Topic but It will involve around something about that day. Maybe one day I will be writing about How Oprah is president and how Jimmy Kimmel is our vice president.

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