What have i done???

Dear diary,

It’s me again after a whole bunch of drama happened in my life. Life is getting harder every time i wake up. Urghh… I don’t know where to start actually. Okay. I became a sugar baby. Still an apprentice though. Why? Cause i’m bored and curiosity kills cat. I know… Bad idea. My first daddy was nice. We JUST had a conversation for 30 min. and i was paid for 120 Euros. I thought ” Wow! i love this job.”. From there, i became a regular of this “website”, where you could meet your potential sugar daddy or mommy. I chatted various “daddies” and met several of them in real life. Of course, sex does involve. Money is the reason why i did this. Then i met this guy. Normal guy. In his forties. Quite cute to be honest. We just clicked for some reason. He was the smooth talker (i don’t sugar coat). And i, was caught under his spell. I knew from the start he was just playing with me. We met and we had sex. And you know what, he left, like magic. Then he just sent me those sugar coated message like “we gonna meet again”, “you’re the one for me” yada yada… and never came back. He just wanted to go under my pants. From that point, i was broken. Inside out. What in the world was i thinking back then?? It was so dumb. How can i believe such a “website” could give me happiness?? It made me even more empty. But i never learned my lesson. Do you know what i did? I came back to that website. Now, i’ve been chatting with this particular guy. He’s so eager to meet me. I don’t know if i block him or let my heart break for the second time.

Please. If any of you have the same experience like me, what would you do?



One thought on “What have i done???”

  1. If, I may be blunt for a second. I believe you chose the drama when you started involving yourself in that website. Most of the men who may frequent it, are probably taken by other’s in some way. If they are, married men, or women that never never leave their spouses for the good time and the happily ever after. Besides, it’s dangerous. There is more important things in life, than the money part of it. Remember, Money is the root to all evil.

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