When is enough enough?

 In my 43 years on this earth I am lead here to this empty space and no-one to hear my tears. I thought I would be married forever, but he found others to keep him satisfied if only for the moment. I thought my two children would always be there to help and support me, but they also found others to provide for them. I thought the so called friends that I had invested so much of myself into would call to check on me, but they too also found others that they believe are more worthy. And now, I lie here in this bed day after day with cancer growing stronger and draining me of life, with not one soul to call when I am hungry or thirsty. All the things I thought were so important in life have become utterly meaningless. What have I done? Who have I impacted? Did I even say one thing that would boost another life to God? I have only been digging a grave… and deep and bottomless grave, for myself since the day of my conception. I am not part of a family even though I have blood relatives living. I am not part of a community even though I have lived many places. I wonder how long my body will decompose before someone notices that I am gone. I wonder if anyone will remember me at all? I am overcome with sadness and grief over what I had thought was a life. 

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