Day 685, 686 & 687 – Work and Jumanji

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Still working hard as ever.

Don’t remember much from Wednesday, nothing interesting happened. Same thing for Thursday. It was a snow day, but I went to school anyway that way I could work on things. I ended up not getting anything done, cause my render wouldn’t work. Oh well… At least I got to play Cards Against Humanity with some people. Our teacher had to listen to us say terrible things. I felt bad for him, haha.

Friday was a work day as well. Again, my render didn’t work. I didn’t get anything done. At least at home I managed to. I also started putting my French exam things together.

Today was more productive. I planned to finish my exam today, but that’s fine. I managed to get most of it done except for one text. I also went to see Jumanji. The cinema was awesome, having recliner chairs. The movie was good too; it was pretty funny. Although to be real, most of the levels seemed pretty easy. The hardest thing would be Alex’s weakness being musquitos. How could you possibly avoid that for so long? From experience, musquitos bite me no matter what I do, and they do a lot. But other than that, super funny and cute. Been a while since I’ve seen the original though.

Speaking of cut, tomorrow I’m going to church and gonna try and talk to the cute guy. Wish me luck.

That’s all for today.

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