Spirit Communication Danger : Voices

January 16, 2018

6:34 pm

   Today has been fairly average. Somewhat routine really. The voices were right there as soon as I awoke this morning, but they became fainter throughout the day while I was at work. I’m hearing them right now. Mostly, they sound pretty whispery. When they’re more whispery like this, it’s easier for me to block out the content of what they’re saying. 

8:21 pm

  The voices have picked up in strength some. Mostly I’m hearing them coming in over a background noise. Things are still relatively on the milder side I’d say, though they do seem to be starting to talk in a more erratic manner.

9:19 pm

  Things are remaining relatively calm. The voices are still there and chattering away as usual, but it’s faint enough at the moment where I’m finding it fairly easy to block out the content of what the voices are saying.

  I’m starting to get pretty tired. I’ll probably pass out in another hour or so. I haven’t had too much trouble this week from these negative spirit attachments ….as far as messing with my sleep goes. I had a couple of bad nights last week where their harassment made it difficult to get to sleep, but this week so far has been quite uneventful with that, which is always a good thing.

  I’m still finding that I have to increase the dosage of sleep-aid that I take now to get it to be effective. It looks like I’m starting to develop a tolerance for it again. This happened to me last year and it left me more vulnerable to the harassment of these entities at night. Last year, the issue just seemed to resolve itself and fairly quickly to. I hope that this is the case this year as well as it’s a real pain in the ass to be kept awake for hours by these negative spirit attachments chattering away with their nonsense.

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