Spirit Attachments : Voices and Physical Disturbances

January 17, 2018

12:47 am

  It looks like I jinxed myself with my last post about how I haven’t had any trouble getting to sleep this week. Well, tonight is proving to be a rough one. So far it seems the sleep-aid hasn’t been working. I just took another dose and I’ll probably take another in a few minutes for good measure.

  The harassment from these negative spirit attachments has gotten pretty intense tonight. As soon as I got into bed earlier, they started harassing me with the physical disturbances almost right away. Mostly, it’s been the strange vibration sensation that I’ve been feeling. 

  The voices have also gotten pretty bad. It’s pretty damn cold out being that it’s the middle of winter and all, so I have my heater going. As usual, the steady background noise is making the voices come through louder. At times it also seemed like they were hovering right over me while I was in bed, talking their usual trash. Well, I’ll give sleep another try. I just know I fricking jinxed myself earlier. That’s usually how it goes.

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