Spirit Attachments : Voices and Physical Disturbances


January 17, 2018

9:26 pm

  Things have been fairly mild so far this evening, though the voices do seem to be gaining a bit of strength now. I’m mostly hearing a few voices speaking in a very whispery manner. They sound whispery at the moment, but I can tell that they are starting to speak in a more erratic manner. It’s almost like they’re shouting, but it’s in whispers.

  It’s very cold out right now . I’ve had my heater running all evening, but the voices haven’t been coming in that strongly over the noise of the heater. They are coming through, but so far tonight it hasn’t been as loud as I often hear them coming in over this particular background noise. 

  Hopefully things stay on the milder side tonight. They escalated things pretty late last night and kept me awake until two in the morning. This is partly because the sleep-aid I took didn’t do that good of a job. I ended up taking some extra doses just to pass out. The voices and the physical disturbances did become more intense for a time last night after I went to bed. With all the sleep-aid that I took, I did wake up this morning feeling a bit hazy for awhile. This is not uncommon for me. Hopefully things go smoother tonight. It’s damn annoying when they foul up my sleep, but it’ll pass.

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