Parents cliques and social media

I am conducting an experiment and I am not very optimistic about it. 

I brought back to life my social media account just to try to change something  in my outlook on things. How can a person have 4600 friends?      

I managed to become social media “ friends” with one of the popular moms from school. I am not sure if she accepted my request out of pity,by accident, out of curiousity or just because .I think she means well in general, she posts daily quotes about gratitude,kindness,tolerance. But I know for sure that her kid shoves and pushes the kids she does not like. 

Once I overheard her mother saying that she is raising a strong woman. I guess she is.It all depends on your definition of the word “strong”.

I think most of people over use word” friend” . I thought friend is the one you know in real life, share memories, deep thoughts,spend time together. My social life is pretty pathetic : I am an introvert and it got worse after my daughter’s sad school experience. 

Would I like to change it? Yes. Is it going to happen by using social media? No. 

I am just going to try new things.  I miss female friendship-honest,powerful,rewarding.I thought I had a very close friend,but she got swallowed by a clique. I guess she was not a true friend. Live and learn. Some times I try to chat to reasonable looking moms at school,but usually nothing comes out of it.Some of us (myself included) fear of friendship failure and being stuck seeing the evidence of it at school on daily basis. 

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