Sunday Funday was a success!!!

I got to go to church with my children and then a good dinner. Once again, they were very thankful. I miss them soooo much already. The sermon was about being effective to our neighbors(witnessing). It really stepped on my toes. I already was aware that I have not “grown” in Christ. I have just stayed in the same ole spot just trying to be content.The pastor read scriptures about being strong in the Lord. Are we baby Christians?? Can we only process baby food?? Or, can we handle a steak? Our faith and actions will expose how mature we are. If we are immature are we going to be an asset in the kingdom?? People are watching our every move. They want to see if we can walk the walk. That is our greatest witness. I could be at a bar talking about the Lord but you know what?? Whoever we are talking to is going to question our level of maturity. If we live worldly then we are tainting our confession. Even praying over your food can be a witness to someone. The greatest witness is a changed life…. bearing fruit and not living on the fence. Even in secret, or private….. if we are sinning we will still never reach maturity. Even if no one sees us!!! I am excited knowing that bible study groups are starting up again. I really enjoyed the last one even though I had anxiety about going. Ok, so I found this old photo of us trespassing on our land. LOL I’m overweight and definitely not eye candy but I couldn’t help but noticing that I was following my wife and most likely looking at her butt. HAHA That is me summed up in one picture. I literally could follow that smoking hot woman around all of the time. And, I got 2 see her TWICE this weekend!!! Not only is she physically sexy but she has a sexy soul. I love everything about her. I do not agree with all of her actions but I love her “person”. I hope that when she looks in the mirror that she sees everything that I see. That beautiful face, that beauty in her eyes. That sweet girl that has been hurt but still has worth beyond any earthly value. I hope that she sees the woman that this man thinks about constantly. I hope she doesn’t look at herself and see any condemnation or fear. I hope that she sees a woman who loves her creator, her heavenly father. I hope that she sees a powerhouse. I hope that she sees a fine and rare specimen that whatever her hands touch are fruitful/blessed and not cursed. I hope that she sees a mother that is above all mothers. I hope that she sees the homemaker who made this house better by just being here. But most of all, I hope that she sees a prosperous future. That the things that she has instilled into her children would blossom into future generations. I have no animosity towards this wonderful lady. I pray for her mind/body/spirit. I have not been vindictive towards her. I hope that one day, somehow, under the surface, she sees that I am the one who will love her for all of time. That I will be there for her when nobody else would. You will be in my dreams tonight and be my first thought when I open my eyes in the morning. I pray for protection for her while she drives in these wintry conditions. Thank you Lord for hearing my earnest prayers and cries for mercy. AMEN

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