01/14/18 — Old Flames

Another weekend is passing, and my phone is blowing up. Somehow, I matched with someone on Tinder who I’ve been on a date with before. He told me I needed to work out on said date that we went on three years ago. However, he is very good looking, wants to make amends, and is very much trying to sleep with me. I’m not sure how to comprehend all of this, but I’m enjoying talking to him. The guy who stood me up last night also texted and apologized, claiming that he fell asleep. Okay, that explains why your phone was turned off right when I got there. He’s asking me to hang out tomorrow, but I’m super busy. We didn’t do laundry today, and Tom (my stepfather) is being an ass today. Another old crush is texting me as well, but he didn’t know I was single until I mentioned being stood up last night and I had to awkwardly explain that Dino broke up with me and he said all of the “Oh fuck that guy” and whatnot that I’ve been hearing from everyone. It’s interesting how people are quick to assume that the one who dumped you are the evil ones, even though I’m probably just as guilty of messing up that relationship. Alexus keeps asking me to come visit her at work, and I know she’s upset, but I don’t have the money to go have a drink at her job, and I feel really bad about it. I think she got into a fight with her husband that she’s separated from, because she keeps sending me screenshots of the conversations she’s having on her dating apps, and it’s super funny. But I still feel bad that I can’t go talk to her about it. Mom said she’d buy me lunch tomorrow though so I guess that’s a plus. At least I have people to talk to now. 

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  1. I’ve noticed that when it comes to men showing interest I either have 17 or zero zilch… There is no in between. Wouldn’t it be nice if they came into our lives single file with balanced amounts of attention?

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