[167] ~*Mon – 01/15/18*~

[10:37 pm]

I just took a shower and had a look real quick at my hair and I don’t think the color bled enough. When I try not to have it bleed, it does and when I try do make it bleed, it doesn’t. Blah! Oh well.

As for last night, I didn’t write again cause I was too tired to write. We went outside and of course the car wouldn’t start and it didn’t seem to be the battery. We still tried to boost it, just in case, but that wasn’t working. Hub said it was more than likely the engine that was frozen as we did have some freezing rain and I hadn’t started the car since Tue. He tried a few times and finally got it to start but almost flooded it. I was just so damn happy to hear my car start as I was very anxious. Once it was started, I didn’t wanted to turn it off as I was soo scared it wouldn’t start again. We had it running for a while as we were trying to scrape the ice off. It took us for ever as it was very thick. I gave up on the back window and went for a lil drive around the block to make sure it was all warmed up. I got home and I really didn’t wanted to turn it off but I finally did and took the other car to go get some McDonald’s for hub as he deserved it after making my car start. When I got back home, I started my car again and finished cleaning the ice the best I could. I kept apologizing to the car for not taking care of it, very sad.

Beside the whole story with my car, the day wasn’t too bad. I like working at the store when I have good staff but by the end of the day I was a bit pissed off. The cleaners were supposed to come and another supervisor was coming in for them but I decided to start taking stuff off the floor to help out. Of course at like 5:10 pm the cleaner called to say he had to cancel cause he was stuck somewhere. That said, I had to put back everything on the floor and sweep the floor as the cleaners weren’t coming. I had called the manager to advice her of this and she also said I had to make sure the store was face fronted as it wasn’t the week before. Arg! She got me mad. If the cleaners would of came like they were supposed too, she would of had to put back the stuff in the morning so why in the world did I have to do it just cause they weren’t coming. I wasn’t too happy.

That’s pretty much it for yesterday. After work I went over to my friend cause I didn’t wanted to come all the way back home and then have to go get hub from work. I should of came home, once again, to get some work done but I just didn’t felt like it. I also took a nice relaxing bath after the whole thing with my car was over.

Today my first client cancelled so I was able to sleep in which was good cause I was still very tired when I saw the text. I tried to sleep more but had a hard time cause my body started stressing because the car was going to the body shop today. I hate how my body stresses. My mind doesn’t seem to be thinking about it but my body sure does. I had to go to the bathroom so many times today. I felt like shit and I’m still having a really hard time with my throat. I’m coughing a lot today. I was out with my second client and all I was thinking about was the long day I still had ahead of me. When I went to my last client, turned out she didn’t wanted to come out. I went to pick up my friend and we went to the Casino. I played mom’s $5 and didn’t win anything so I played $5 from my money and took out $25. My friend played her $5 and made $40, she then put a $5 of her own but didn’t make anything of out that. We then ate at the buffet and I went to work at the store which was very boring. I think we’re so used of being busy cause of Xmas that right now it’s just too quiet and boring.

My car is finally at the body shop and he said it should be ready for Thu. My poor baby! I still don’t know if they will paint it as well but I hope so. I was too scared to ask so it will be a surprise. I just can’t see them doing the work and not paining it but you never know. Let’s just hope for the best.

I wanted to watch a show before going to get hub but I don’t think I’ll have time to watch a whole episode cause it’s getting late and I still want to do the dishes and dry my hair before going. Time is going by way too fast. I also have to pack a bag as we’re leaving around 10 am tomorrow and I know I won’t be doing it in the morning. So much to do, so very little time.




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