Day 10

I could have went to the gym today but decided to have my last lazy day today instead of tomorrow (I have tomorrow off of work). I just have to make sure I actually go to the gym tomorrow.  Otherwise, not much happened today. I did not actually get out of bed until almost 9 30 am so all of my meals & snacks were pushed back later than normal.



-Breakfast: Turkey sausage and egg muffin. This was PHENOMENAL. Turkey sausage & egg were delicious. Decent portion size, like you would get at McDonald’s or something. I wish it would have had cheese but not that big of a deal. I would have ordered this originally & would order it again, but more than one! I also had a glass of low fat milk (powerfuel) with sugar free chocolate syrup (extra) which was really nice to have.

-AM Snack: 2 tablespoons of dry roasted, no salt peanuts. Super easy and convenient. 

-Lunch: Broccoli cheese melt. Looked like a hot pocket. I microwaved it because I did not want to wait for the oven. It was delicious. It was like Panera Bread’s broccoli cheddar soup inside a hot pocket. Decent portion size, although I wish it was a tad bit bigger because it was so delicious. Will order again. I had one serving of vegetables with it.

– PM Snack: 1 slice of wheat toast with peanut butter.

-Dinner: Turkey sausage & turkey pepperoni pizza. I waited for this in the oven because I had to cook zucchini anyways. Glad I did because it was so good! Super flavorful & they definitely loaded up on the toppings. I was very surprised at the portion size & amount of toppings. I am definitely going to order more than one next time! I had three servings of vegetables with it.

-Evening snack: I have to flex my evening snack once per week. I chose 8 ounces of light apple juice and some more peanuts. Not the best snack but it was 8 pm anyways so shouldn’t eat something too heavy. 

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  1. Sounds like you are doing so well! Keep up the hard work… ps we all have days we skip the gym

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