QUITE THE LOVE LIFE-entry 1- [boy next door]

So one of my first crushes was this light skinned mexican boy. lets call him saint. so I’m not really sure why I liked him  was like 4 so I probably saw him and was like yup I’ll like him. It’s so embarassing the things I would do. I used to go grab one of the white sheets of paper and draw him cute valentine cards year round not sure but I would do it often. The only few times in my life I would give away my drawings so easily. (i love drawing and hardly give away my drawings since i get so attached to them) and I would draw things like hearts, I like/love you. Now that I think about it it was pretty fucking stupid and kinda creepy. I don’t think I would even put my name on it sometimes but I think he knew it was me. 

One day when my family and I were driving back home and outr neighbors were outside playing in those toy cars little kids have and I was so confused when I see him in one of those little cars, HES MY NEIGHBOR??!!!??!?! he was driving around with his little sister and my mom just turns to me and says, “you wanna go play with them?” Oh hell no im not embarassing myself so i was like no nononomononono. “why not” “I DON’T WANT TO. ” but now that im think back maybe i could have been friends with him if i did take that chance. 

So I had two best friends in kindergarten. on that was mexican and nice long black hair. The other  one I was REALLY good friends with and boy I have a few stories with her. But thats another entry to come. But lets call the mexican one lilliana. so one time her and saint were like talking to each other and me a little obsessive child I was I got jealous easily and then he like let her have the stool everyone wanted to take turns sitiing one since it was the teachers but he did it in a “flirty” way and I was pissed and got mad at him I yelled at him and he yelled back and so I flipped him off and he flipped me off and we got in trouble. Oretty hilarious to me now. 

And to this day he is still my neighbor. yea and I gotta say he glow UP. He usually plays basket ball with his buddies outside his house and got super fit because after kider garten and before now he like started gaining a bit of weight but man. He’s looking like a fuck boy now I’ll say that much. And I honestly didn’t and don’t like him that way after kindergarten. I’d be friends with him tho and act like I don’t remember anything. 


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