The following is the “rated” list of what matters most. I will add a few to the list and comment on each of them. Then I will add short doable stratigies to make sure that I am working (or walking) toward and planning toward what matters most.  

__10_ Happiness, I actually count this as JOY and not so much happiness. I rated it a 10 because I have struggled with depression, I have been known to be overworked and unappreciated. I have also struggled in my faith and found that there is a direct correlation between having a close-healthy relationship with God and having true peace and joy in my life. I live for joy. 

My plan and doable strategy. Stay close to God through reading the bible or Christian books/devotionals daily. Continuing to do the things that I enjoy as a living (working on houses) a few days a week, getting out and getting some exercise a few days a week, getting out with others (bible study, group, or getting out with others) once a week or so. Getting out with my family once a week.   

__8_Fun, Again, fun for me I would actually consider ENJOY. The bible says that it’s the best that a man can do is to “enjoy the fruits of his labor. I rated it an 8 because again, I tend to overwork and under enjoy. Also, for whatever reason the people closest to me tend to complain and be resistant to what I enjoy so I have to make it a priority for myself and stand up to the negativity. I have to be true to myself as I am true to those around me.

My plan and doable strategy. Make dinner w Larry once a week, have family time several days a week and family day (getting out) once a week, boating, biking, hiking, swimming, skating, shopping, with kids group twice a month, traveling (close by) once a month, camping and vacation once a year. 

__5_Wealth, it simply has its place, bills have to be paid and it takes money to ride the train (have fun and do things) so I do what I have to do. On the other hand, I don’t care to be showy or an overachiever in this area, I do what I do for me and my family to enjoy life.

My plan and doable strategy. Continue flipping houses, keep a budget, flip on the side in the future. 

__9_Health, simply put, if you aint got your health, you aint got nothing! Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health is a must! (updated to a 10 0n 12/05/18)!

My plan and doable strategy. Stay healthy by, keeping a regular schedule of sleep, work, play, study, prayer, exercise, budgeting for health expenses, diet and supplements… also skin regiments, making appointments and staying positive!   

__9_Fulfilling relationships, everyone needs relationships so you really want them to be good ones, sadly I only have control over one side of my relationships so I have had to step away from many people in my life. Not only do I want fulfilling relationships in my life, but I wont allow for draining relationships either. I am willing to do more than my part, especially in the area developing relational skills and trying new things, but I will not allow for my own needs or the need to have a good relationship to continue if it’s simply ignored by the other party in the relationship.   

My plan and doable strategy. This is the most difficult for me because I have so little control over this area. Hubs can be a difficult person, so I pray and try to do things that he likes to do, I try to respect him, but he is so easily upset and negative that the need to cut him off or remove myself from him sometimes is also needed. However, I plan to keep praying for him, going to bible study together, stay rooted in our church and with other Christians. Keep working on new relationships with Christian people at church and other places. Keep in touch and pray for my kids. Keep praying for and with kiddo and involving myself with her life and the life of my other kids as well. 

__0_Fame Don’t care. Period. 

_6__Individual accomplishment. It is important to your well being and personal growth to set goals, stretch yourself a little and reap the rewards. However, who you are becoming, who you encourage and inspire along the way is equally important. 

My plan and doable strategy. Exercise three days a week, stay on diet til 145 lbs, look into children’s pastors, try to head children’s outings and getting involved in children’s camp. Get more canvases and paint. Order pics and decorate hallway. get pic from Lowes. Finish house.   

__5_Legacy, This I don’t think of as something that is as important to me as it is for those I leave behind. I don’t want to be remembered for my sake, but leave an active plan, idealism, support and a path of uncovered truths behind me so that others can follow whatever God has so graciously revealed to me and blessed me with along the way. 

__6_Making a difference in the lives of others, this is a bit tricky for me. I have been shrinking my circle in this area. After years of reaching out to the wide open world, I have been settling in with my family, close friends, church and ministry with children and I am all the better for it.  

_10__Faith in a higher power (God) God to me is the fiber of my being. First off He is truth, He is powerful to help me in my troubles and in my purpose and in my joy for life. Read, pray worship 15 min each every day and Journal.

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