Jan. 15th 2018-computers down.

G and I went to the Job Agency this morning. I was all pumped up to apply and take the special test. Turns out the computers were down, and I have to go in tomorrow to start the process. 

Today was an interesting day. After finding out I couldn’t apply we went for breakfast. Then went to Dollerama to get him a pair of reading glasses. (He needed a cheap pair). 

Then we went to my place and watched Little House. (That is both our favorite show). Then we went to run a few errands. Bank, Home Depot, etc… We stopped by a Christian Retail store. And he bought me a Prayer Shall. What is also called a Talid. They didn’t have any in stock. He paid for it though. I can’t wait for it to come in. Been wanting one for years now. 

When G was over today, our toilet and kitchen focet was frozen…(again) and G wasn’t having it. He got on the phone with the Oil company and made arrangments to get oil delivered. Of course, he was buying it. I didn’t tell him too. He was just furious that I was living without heat. I have heat..I have space heaters..but he didn’t approve. I don’t have kids or anything. If I had kids I would make it more of a priority to keep the house a comfortable temp. But $800 is just obviously something my husband and I don’t have right now. So we are blessed he is able and willing to do that for us. 

Tomorrow school starts. I feel like everything is still so up in the air. I just need things to settle down LOL though I actually see everything being up in the air for quite awhile. Guess I will just buckle up and keep my finger near the eject button in my little fighter jet of my life hahahaha



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