January issue, 2018

Now which is 2018, there are lots of prediction, and it is very scary because it involves the whole world. Being the year of the Dog, it foretells a bad omen, but some Feng Shui master also disagree, and for them, it welcomes a possible worldly fruitful abundance. However, some expert believes, that one of the obstacles to progress nowadays is the presence of unpredictable weather consequences. I don’t know, why Fire is the usual problems in California, and we have some weather disturbances, which is not unusual, but very problematics. huge rains that brought down landslides, flood in the lowlands that inundated wheat or rice planted plains, earthquake that breaks boundaries, and tsunami after a tropical storm. During winter times, the problem is this polar vortex, that brought cold almost unbearable to every citizen. I don’t understand also, it is somewhat a reverse understanding of global warming.
In the Philippines, after a series of news on our economy, which states about the negative effect of TRAIN to the majority as pointed by experts, would probably be a fatal headache which is haunting the 15 million poor self-employed people. The other 5 to 7 million can avail with the tax exemption or reduction, but they also will be affected by the sudden increase of the prices of prime commodities, by reason, that goods produced are the one affected by the increase of excise taxes. The bus and taxi fare is increased, and Gas and petroleum products also are increased. By domino effects, everybody will suffer. One Duterte apologist in Toronto, asked everybody to be united and tolerate any adverse effect of it because that is for the good of our country. He never said bad, but always good. He tried himself to be expert also, but he never thinks, that his expertise is very superficial, and his apology is more palliative as if he is giving a Tylenol for a headache caused by a brain Cancer. The Jeepneys which is our pride in Asia will be replenished with new modern commuters, and all jeepney operator are mandated to change their vehicles while they are waiting for the deadline. More than half of the operators are screaming aloud, because the price per unit is costly, and their present cars are mandated to throw it to the wreckers, for other purposes. So, there will be more destitute coming into the garbage bin.
Let’s talk about Canada. In Canada, we have the best healthcare in the world. All or everyone has insurance, and as a pro-social Government, everyone is entitled to the advantages of the program. Well, I am so glad that we are in this country. But one thing, I will never forget, and not pass it away is my bad experience in the Hospital. I was thinking that living away from Toronto would be more advantages, thinking that the distance from the GTA, might be a plus factor, and also hoping that there would be lesser patients they are going to accommodate. But that is totally false. January 14, Sunday, My wife has a sudden rectal bleeding, and as an emergency, I brought her on one of the prestigious hospitals there. I know, that the hospital is a bit cleaner to compare than the other, so, I believe it is the better choice. But that is not true. We were there at the emergency at nine in the morning, and we left the hospital at 4 pm. It looks like they are busy, but most of those in the service, are just moving to and pro, some are bringing Tim Hortons, and some are not so keen in supporting some patient who is in need of an immediate care. A young patient who was waiting for his turn fainted and was administered with urgent care right away. But the teenager was shouting ” fuck you, this hospital” No one was interfering anyway. The security guard and the REMs people help him and was calmed down, was whisked right away. I think, the Doctors who are in the service, are only three, and they were supported by two Nurse Specialists. Well, there were so many patients, but probably also, there are defects in their SOP. To have some kind of ease in the service, maybe, it is time now to recruit other allied health care servers, so that a greater percentage of Population will be served well. I hope they will find a better solution to the problem.
Anyway, being ill is one of our trial in this world. My greatest Physician is still Jesus. It has no contaminant in his brain. He is my God, and my worship is only for him. For 8 years, I have not gone to a Doctor, and my health is a gift from him, whom I always pray every day. Reading a page of the Bible and researching for interpretation, is also an enhancing factor for your faith. Lazarus was raised from the dead after four days buried, just because of his two sisters faith that Jesus can raise him up, their hope is being answered. John 11: 1 to 45, and even Peter’s belief that in the name of Jesus, Tabitha, a widow who was known for compassionate and kind, was raised also from the dead in the village of Joppa. Act 9: 36-42. There are lots of miracles during those time, done by those believers, and Jesus himself. Everyone has given the opportunity, to do a good thing, but sometimes we also forgot, and we let temptation overwhelms us, so, death will have the success to destroy us. We really lost our ability to weigh things, and we don’t know, that immorality which is an abomination and condemnable, became our favorite past times. People who are leaders, and found out to be popular, despite the nature of being devilish, they are favored with a fake survey, and cursing even the Pope, is for them plausible. We really don’t know, what wrath of God is all about. But once it is imposed everyone will just be amazed. During Noah’s time, many were swimming, and shouting in the outside of the Arks for entry but, it was too late, and the flood is already devouring them slowly. Just also, Pharoah, he waited till his eldest son was dead, so that was too late. Now is the time for everyone to repent, and be moral, choose the right leader who is truly Godly, for that is what the Almighty wished all of us. If you defend a devil leader, by logic, you are also a devil. And you have no personality to be with Noah in the ARK. Thank you all of you, and we will hug everybody with goodness this new year. With God, nothing is impossible.

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