Lies after Lies

Why is it my husband got to lie over and over again. We just got into an argurment yesterday bc he was drinking a beer while we was eating. By the time we got done the beer was almost gone. So how is he goes outside and comes back in with a full one. He tells me its the same damn one. Bull crap. Im not stupid. He had more hid in the car and telling me he hasnt bought none.  Lair. He keeps coming up with money to buy it. We have no money but yet he gets money for beer. I take change to buy stuff like milk bread but the whole time he has money in his pocket that he buys beer or dip with. Bull crap. I ask him how he has money for it he told me not to worry he has money ok so me and your kids still here doing without while u drinking. Im so over this crap with him.

One thought on “Lies after Lies”

  1. My ant is a drunk and i’m not saying your husband is but I think he is going to become one if he doesn’t stop… My ant is a drunk and she ruined most of her life, she doesn’t have her licences cause her drinking and driving. She has four kids and for the most part she was a good mom until she started drinking and she’s a mean drunk. They spent a lot of nights getting screamed out and getting told that they are pieces of shit. She also ruined things with her mom and my mom. She used them for money, money she just spent on drinks. She doesn’t pay for her kids or for there school or for anything other than food cause she has to eat to. What i’m trying to get at is don’t let it get to far cause you have a chance to help him or help yourself and your kids. Also kids notice everything. I don’t know how old your kids are but if they are around the age 4 and above i promise you they notice things. Just keep your head up and talk to him.

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