Lost On A Logging Road…

The fun parts… So I wake up this morning, overwhelmed with everything I have to do this week and decided to run from it. Today is the one day I wasn’t obligated to anyone, any appointment, any anything, so I just packed up the dog and went! We headed towards Mt. Rainier and, as usual, got curious and took random turns along the way. After a while I ended up on a one lane, dirt logging road. I was super skeptical, I didn’t see anyone else on the road but there was a sign that said 17 miles in was a lake! I wanted to see it ha-ha. On a serious note, I was scared as shit from the get go. I would hit a patch of mud and think “Umm, should I turn around? What if I get stuck? Do I have cell phone service? Will anyone find me?” but at last, I kept going. Then I’d hit ice and wonder what I was getting into… I was literally climbing a mountain in my car. A few hundred feet up I met a nice old man named Bob. He was driving a truck and offered to go ahead and said he would stop if he thought the conditions were getting too bad for me to make it. He also mentioned that if I could get to the top, there was some breathtaking views and it was worth the drive. We trecked up the mountain, me in my little hatchback and him in his big truck. The cliff to the right of me was terrifying. I HATE cliffs with no guard rails! Then you add the fact that we’re on a dirt road with mud, ice, etc. and it  made me feel even more uneasy! But I was curious and determined to make it to the top! Sadly, only a few miles from the top, we had to stop. I had successfully conquered a great deal of snow by this point but it got worse and was too high for my little car to go any further. Even Bob decided to turn around. A logging truck came and it seriously became an episode of Ice Road Truckers… I think that’s the name of it. Anyways, the nice driver of the logging truck offered to turn my car around for me so I wouldn’t back up and off the cliff. Once I was turned around I was good to go. I offered for him to go first but he insisted on letting me go and following me down the hill. Bob went first, then me, then this giant logging truck… Oi. I’m telling you, I had no idea what I was getting myself into today! Oops! But on the other hand, even though we didn’t make it to the top, these views were incredible! There was valleys and trees and rivers for days! The cliff continued to scare me to death but the views were worth it! I hated that I had held up the trucker but Bob offered to show me a place at the bottom of the mountain where I could let the dog run free for a bit. There was a road that is closed because of a bridge that collapsed and it was perfect to let her run and stretch her legs. The kindness I encountered today was worth more than they know. What an adventure it was…Oh! And I found this incredible raging river and there was a spot where you could climb a small rock mountain and sit with your legs dangling over the side with the river below. We sat there for a while and I will tell you, it was peace at it’s finest.. *Ah*.

The downfall… I got to the bottom of the hill, said goodbye to the trucker and to Bob and went for a walk… Or tried to. I thought it would help but the left side of my back clamped down like a tie down on a truck… Then my back started to sting like someone was stabbing me with needles. I was far from home and not sure how I’d make it back. It was pure hell to be honest. I lay in my car for a bit, hoping it would help but to no avail. I made it home as fast as I could. I’m on my ice pack now and exhausted beyond measure. I don’t know what I did wrong… I stopped often, walked as much as I could, brought ice packs and used my heated seats… What else could I have done? Ugh. 

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