Wheeew, God is good!! Thank you Lord for this trial

Jamming to one of my favorite gospel songs…. “I just stopped by on my way home”. I’m thinking to myself…… yes, I did just stop by but why don’t I make my stay more comfortable?!?! Why live in defeat?? Why not own everything that God has to offer?? I was invited tonight to attend a “Celebrate Recovery” meeting. It started off with worship and then some readings of encouragement. After that we broke off into groups. I went with the men who have struggled with drug/alcohol addictions. Some of us were dependent while others of us used them as a “go to” for emotional support. Let me just say… when I had grown men speak life into me and be encouraging it blessed my socks off. I heard some amazing testimonies with all glory given to God. I spoke about my fear that I have maybe traveled down this road way to far for any sort of reconciliation with my family. As I type this the song “I know a man who can” started playing. By mans calculations I may have done to many wrongs to salvage my family. But, I know a man who can. Praise God for that promise. It’s time for me to embrace my situation and declare that I will come out magnificent on the other side. God has an amazing plan for my life. He is just doing what I asked him to do a long time ago when I prayed for him to take things from my life if need be. He is positioning me for great things. He is setting me up to be a wrecking ball in the kingdom. There are people who will come into contact with me who will walk through the pearly gates because of my witness of what the Lord has done for me. His will was not ever going to come to fruition until I walked through the most difficult time of my life. I am done pouting. I am done with the roller coaster of emotions. Pain changes us all. I choose to let it change me for the better. If I choose to soak in my struggle then I will still be in the same situation years from now. The miracles that I heard tonight were much needed. We all know of the miracles from 2k years ago but to hear about miracles in 2018 just blows me out of the water. People surrendering and having instant release from addictions. People testifying to God’s favor on their lives. God, I know that it pains you to let me walk through this. I know that it pained you to watch your son hang on calvarys cross. True love is letting me experience this hardship for my good!!! And you will receive all of the glory for this. When I can finally embrace my wife and children as a whole again you will forever be praised. It is no secret that I do not agree with some of my wifes actions. Me personally think that some of them are way uncalled for. Someone told me tonight that she felt the same way about my actions. Boom, they are correct. Me and my beautiful bride are 2 different souls. We analyze things differently. However, when we both have our focus upon the Lord and adhere to his correction… then we will be good for each other. God, your timing is perfect. I will rest assured that you have BOTH of our best interests in mind. I stand in awwe of you. You know just what we need and when we need it. Glory to your name forever. AMEN

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