woke up before my cat

ohaiyo >_> actually feeling so tired. I woke up before my cat for once and that’s saying something, she normally gets up at 6:15 or something, it is now almost 7:30 and she is still sleeping. I hope she is not sick. I am quite restless from work. Only managed to get about 5 hours sleep. I might go back to sleep after this. My current life is like a septic tank, just carrying around a lot of poison in me, and not letting it out. So much poison from work, I’m sure this is fine. I need to think of a better way. How to not obsess over negative thoughts is what I tried to do all morning. It’s just Work, only a small portion of my life, ugh… 

i would like to not look back on this and cringe. One day my life will be in a better place. I finished watching blend-s, it’s an anime I was watching it’s okayyy~~ I got pretty tired of it during some points. 6/10. 

I wonder if cats get stressed out. 

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