01/17/18 — Snow Day

Today work was cancelled because Houston is frozen. People from up north are complaining like “It’s just ice, learn to deal with it”, but it’s really not that simple. Most people here don’t know how to drive in the ice, and if you’d been watching the news instead of complaining about closures, you’d see that people who are trying to go to work are causing accidents all over the roads. One of the emergency responders I’ve been following on Snap has been responding to calls all day. Dino is being weird today. I said something yesterday about his laundry, and he turned off read notifications, although he complained about me turning off mine last week, and turned his off in retaliation. When I turned mine back on, he turned his back on. I feel like he’s being an ass just to be an ass. I asked Mario what was up Dino’s butt and Mario claimed he had noooo idea. Then I realized that Mario just wants to play Good Cop between us (although he’s the one that has convinced Dino to stick to his breakup & not fix anything, and convinced me to download the dating apps). I’m not too worried about it today because I’m just enjoying the cold weather and being at home. I also convinced someone to go to the bar with me on Friday so I don’t feel like a third wheel for Alexus. Monica said she doesn’t want to go, but I really would like her to go because I miss her like crazy. I’m anxious because the guy I invited to the bar is the asshole who told me to work out but he’s been really sweet and whatnot lately and is honestly trying to make it up to me. He also told me last night that he wanted to help me reach my fitness and cosplay goals. He never told me why, just that he wanted to be there every step of the way. This was a really great ego boost, and it made me feel like I could accomplish something. I appreciate him, and even if we don’t end up dating, I hope that we can remain good friends, because underneath his bossiness and cockiness, I think he does have an ounce of feelings. Fuck. My brain is on overload. The guy with the real job is also talking to me a lot more. He hasn’t invited me to hang out or anything, but that’s okay. It’s nice to just have someone to talk to, especially someone who is a real adult. Robert is also talking to me somewhat more, and I think he’s enjoying talking to me. We were really good friends before I stopped talking to him for Dino. Robert keeps asking me to play league and teasing me about my puppies. I don’t think things would ever go anywhere with Robert though because he doesn’t like social interaction. From what I can gather from our conversations, he doesn’t leave his house much. But I definitely think we could be really good friends again, and that’s a good feeling. I stopped responding so much to the guy from Louisiana. I love him, and he’s been a good friend for a while, but he’s too much sometimes. There’s point when you’re complimented too much, and the same thing is repeated over and over to you, and it’s just too much for you to take in. I dunno, it’s just a lot sometimes and I get annoyed with it easily. Especially when it’s constantly “I’m bored. Come cuddle. Come see me. I’m bored. You’re beautiful. Come cuddle. I’m bored. I want to play with your hair.” I need real conversation if you want to be with me. I’D get bored if that was the whole conversation the whole time. Karina was right, it’s not a great feeling to be with someone who just obsesses over you the whole time. It’s great for an ego boost, but then it’s too much of an ego boost. I think I’m going to enjoy my iPad now, and lay down to sleep. 

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