12:53 pm

so i talked with my mom about changing my major, and she’s totally down for it but she wants me to take all my gen eds at sinclair or ucba and then transfer to main campus to graduate. i mean it’s definitely cheaper, especially since i’ll probably be paying for my college from here on out. it just sucks because i have so many friends at uc that i won’t be able to see now. i really wanted to go back to main campus. but i can’t pay for it all myself. 

i’ll probably end up going to sinclair and finding an apartment near the campus because i can’t live at my parent’s house for 2 more years, ill kms. 

this whole thing is so stressful. it’s driving me crazy and making my depression worse, i’ve been thinking so many bad things recently and i hate it. i don’t wanna have these suicidal thoughts but they just won’t go away.

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