Bad start. I feel sad today.

So my year is starting off not so great.

Is it leftover from last year?

Or is it me not learning anything?

Having a hard time.  I’m trying to get myself back on track.  If I don’t then I am doomed.

It’s easier to give advice when your life isn’t so bad.

I felt horrible all day.  I didn’t even eat breakfast.  And I never skip it.  I made it this morning.  But it’s 4:40 pm now and still sitting on my little table.  No lunch. I don’t even feel happy to eat dinner.  I don’t feel like eating anything because of my mood.


This is NOT just “a phase”.  It’s life changing.  It’s WORSE than just a fucking “phase”.

One thought on “Bad start. I feel sad today.”

  1. I know the feeling. Sometimes I don’t even have the energy to get out of the bed and go to work. I hope it’s just a phase for all of us.

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