From a date to a job interview

When do you know you have become a super boring person, talking only about your work?

For me, I realized it when my former date asked me if I could check out his resume.

Really, that’s the impression I made??

Good job girl…

I did this to myself. I made all my dates resemble job interviews. I can only talk about my business success, as that’s the center point of my life.

That’s all I am at this time… nothing but a work-focused person. You want to hear the saddest part? I am in my mid-twenties.

I work in a male-dominated industry and I have worked so hard to be an equal match to all the men. I guess I reached my goal, I am now further away then ever in being a simple woman.

Mission accomplished?

One thought on “From a date to a job interview”

  1. I am so sorry to say I smiled when
    I read the part about your date asking for help with his resume. That was just so funny to me. Anyway– you sound like a super catch. Successful woman in her 20s, doesn’t need a man just wants a man for companionship/relationship. I’m sure what your searching/yearning for is right around the corner.

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