Day 12

I was so busy today, food was not even a thought. It was a pretty easy day.


-Breakfast: Pancakes (Nutrisystem), peanut butter (power fuel) and 2 servings of maple syrup (2 extras). It came with two pancakes. They were a bit chewier than I thought they would be. But, they were good and I would order them again.

-AM Snack: I was in a meeting all morning and forgot to eat the snack.

-Lunch: Grilled chicken sandwich (Nutrisystem) , one serving of mayo (1 extra) and 2 servings of vegetables. The chicken was actually very tasty. I could have enjoyed it without the mayo. The bun could have been a bit bigger because it did not cover all of the chicken breast. I would definitely order this again though.

-PM Snack: 1 slice of wheat bread (smart carb) and 1 slice of low fat colby jack cheese (power fuel).

-Dinner: Ravioli Formaggio (Nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. I decided to microwave it because I did not feel like waiting 30 minutes for FIVE raviolis. Yup, there were five. Definitely not a value point. The cheese inside was good but the noodles were chewy and the sauce was not very good. I would not order this again and made sure it was not in my next order.

-Evening snack: Ice cream sandwich (Nutrisystem). This was delicious. It did not taste like a diet ice cream treat. Really good portion especially because it was so cold that I could not eat it very fast. I would order this again for sure.

I have my flex lunch tomorrow. Our team outing got moved to February so it has relieved some worry. I was nervous of having to flex meals going out to restaurants two days in a row. 

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