Happy Hump Day!

Happy Wednesday! So far this week, I have been very energetic, and raring to go. Except for Tuesday. Tuesday, was an awful day for me. I was a little hung over. I did not do it on purpose. One can thank the bartender. I had a chocolate martini. They are so good. It was spot on, and delicious.  Then, I had another one.  That second one, was awful! I mean it tasted like pure alcohol! That second one, threw me over the edge. I did tell the bartender, how awful it was, and it did not taste like the first one. She argued with me, and said, that her counts were right blah blah. That defensiveness irritated me!  I told her that her “counts” did not taste like the other one. I was not going to pay for it. I have had TWO, which is my limit, Martini before, and I had NEVER been hammered.  I should not have drank it. But dumb me did anyway. I paid that price in the morning. My work performance was not on top of things. Lesson learned!  Never again, if I know my limit and if I know it doesn’t taste right, I will NOT drink that kind of stuff again. I am not a big drinker in the first place, but once in awhile, I like to have a fancy adult beverage. That second one, tasted like it came from the moonshine barrel. 

I have had a week of irritations lately. My bosses, are not at the cafe very much. M, my woman boss, keeps volunteering me to do things with her volunteer work for the town. I tell her no all the time.  Then, I have ONE co-worker, who seems to never be able to work her shift. She refuses to work weekends. She called in sick today. One of the other co-workers asked for this weekend off, and the “sick” co-worker who can never work any shift, has the flu, or she says…it probably is the “bottle flu.”  One of the other co-workers, can only work every other week, and this is her weekend off, which only leaves me and Mar, open, and Mar, works breakfast shift on the weekends, which leaves me open the entire weekend. My phone just may be turned off. My boss, M can work the weekend. I am tired of covering for them. Instead of firing the employee who is always sick, or can not work, they give her a million chances. IF I were boss, poof she be gone! 

Then this weekend, Friday to be exact, my step daughter and her soon to be hubby, and two kids will be over for a painting party. I will be at work. I will come home to two wild kids. I love my Grand daughter, but she is a wild hair. She doesn’t listen, she is sassy, she always says she is hungry, you give her food, she won’t eat it. She wants, candy, cookies, and garbage all the time. My step daughter takes advantage of me at home, and has me watch the kids, while she attends to her painting and working in the shop. I don’t see another adult until it’s time for them to leave, then the step daughter will say, or hint about dinner, so not only am I watching her kid, I am guilt-ed into making dinner for them. Yes, it’s always like that. I work my total day, then have to babysit the kids, and then make dinner. At times I wish I was retired, and living far far away, in a warm sunny climate, so I don’t have to deal with this shit.  I like my me time. Yes, I am selfish when it comes to that. I guess it would not bother me so much, IF my grand daughter was polite, would not be so wild, would not be so sassy, but that mouth of hers, upsets me every single time. Mom is not around to discipline her, because she is out in the shop painting and doing this and that. They don’t understand the fact, I had to deal with needy customers all day, and then have to come home to a needy four year old, who doesn’t mind. This is my husbands, daughter’s child. MY daughter has 4.5 children, one is on the way, and each and every one of those children, are very well mannered, they play quietly, they respect. NOT my step daughters daughter. Complete opposite. 

I guess I am, getting angrier by the second.  haha.  I best quit while I am ahead.

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