Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the biggest fool of all??

Hmmmmm…….. who the heck had the bright idea of inventing a mirror?? When I walk past a mirror I want to punch myself. I know that we are to look past our mistakes and failures and see beauty that God has created. People say that he doesn’t make junk, right?!?! I see the man who lost his family because of foolishness. I see a man who lost his beautiful bride. The once in a lifetime woman. I mean, I try to not beat myself up but are we allowed to face the harsh realities of this life?? I see people getting dealt bad hands often. However, what bothers me is that I held the keys to happiness in my hand the whole time. At anytime I could have put SHAWN on the back burner and unlocked all that God had in store for me and my family. Some say that as long as we are alive then we have a second chance at life and life more abundantly. A certain question always lingers in the front of my mind….. is there second chances at life after you lose your family?? My family was my most valuable asset on this earth. What I struggle with the most is wrapping my mind around the reality of losing everything that makes life so beautiful. If I could echo a warning to our youth it would be to never hang your happiness an anything of this world. Not marriage, family, income etc. Live free, be yourself. I’m to old to start over but I know that if I had started my adulthood more focused on ME then there would have been less of a chance for me to fall into this quicksand. I was always leery of those who spent years of their lives focusing on their work, education etc. Heck, I can remember as far back as 16 years of age wanting a family. We are all made different. I didn’t want to travel the world or experience a slew of relationships. I just wanted my family and I happened to find the best wife/mother/lover that this world had to offer. I’ll send up a prayer for safety for my family. Goodnight

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