Wednesday, January 17th

Welp, I’ve been kicked off this web site for almost a month because apparently someone was trying to hack the account. I got an email saying that I had made too many incorrect login attempts and my account was being blocked for 20 days. What the hell? It certainly wasn’t me making those incorrect login attempts, so that means someone was trying to hack this account. Why would someone want to hack a journal when I already post the entries publicly? So strange. Anyway, I started using another online journal in the meanwhile. I like posting here because I feel like by sharing my struggles like this, I might help someone else- maybe someone else that reads my posts will see that there is another person in the world that is also struggling. I know my Adult Children of Alcoholics group on Facebook is helpful to me sometimes. I also joined a depression group on Facebook, but it has not been helpful at all. In fact, I probably should leave that group. It seems to be mostly uneducated, ignorant people. Some dumb ass posted, “Who else is an empath?” What the fucking fuck? I had to double check that it wasn’t a post from someone in my Star Trek fan feed! Do they really believe that they are empathic? The Jedi church group I have joined is also pretty either stupid or wacko people. 

We haven’t gone to school all week. I am fairly certain that we will go tomorrow. We have 88 days left on the year. I am not in any particular hurry to get out of school. I don’t care one way or the other. 

I have applied for a really, really good job at central office. It would literally be like winning the lottery for me if I were to get it. Money wise, I mean. 


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  1. UGH, being hacked is no fun at all. Glad you made it back. I am, also a child of an alcoholic father. Life was not easy for me, which is a long story in many ways. I am a survivor. I don’t have any PTSD from that time of my life, but it has affected me in my adult life, in certain things. Hope to read more about your life. 😀

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