01/18/18 — Snow Day pt. II

Today is the last official day of the Houston freeze. I’m talking to another guy, and Mohammad has officially ghosted on me. He asked me to come over earlier today to measure him for his cosplay and then never replied again after that. This other guy started talking to me last night and I kinda brushed him off until today. I decided to give him a chance for talking and he’s actually super interesting. The guy with the super adult job also is still talking to me. I found out that he works in a giant building downtown and is even more of an adult than I thought. I tried to explain to him what it was like for someone like me, who is only almost an adult, to talk to him. I don’t think he quite understood, but he was super sweet about everything. I’m also super distracted tonight, so this will probably be a short post. I’m still watching Sex and the City. Almost done with season 4. I think when I finish it, I’m going to rewatch the movies and see if I can’t spot everything that’s connected. I’ve watched the movies before but I would like to be much more appreciative of them. 

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