[169] ~*Thu – 01/18/18*~

[11:54 pm]

I feel like shit! I’m sick and my right side hurts so much from coughing. I didn’t sleep last night as I didn’t have any sleeping pill and I was sick and my brain wouldn’t shut down. I wanted to take some NyQuil before bed but I totally forgot and just got lazy. When I finally got out of bed around 2 am to go to the bathroom it was too late to take some or I knew I wouldn’t of been able to wake up for 8 am. I woke up maybe 15 mins before my alarm as I had finally fallen asleep but I was feeling so shitty and hadn’t slept at all so I was debating so damn hard with myself if I should call in sick or not. I already lost some hours yesterday cause I took the day off to go to mom’s and I had an 11 hours shift today but I finally decided to take care of myself for once so I called in sick. After doing so, I took some NyQuil and that knocked me right off. I slept until about 1:45 pm, woke up to make myself some chicken noodle soup and wait for hub to be done sleeping so I could go back to bed. I went back to bed from 4 pm to 11:15 pm. I had been wanting to get out of bed for like two hours as I was hungry but I just couldn’t bring myself out of bed. I finally did cause I had to pee and stayed up to eat and watch a show which I am in the middle of but decided to come write before I finish it. I’m writing and I feel like I’m not really there. After my show I’m taking more NyQuil and back to bed for me in hopes that tomorrow I’ll be fine to work. I’m feeling much better but I’m just so tired and lack some energy so I don’t know if I’ll be able to get myself up tomorrow or if I should take an extra day to totally get better. I know I can’t wait to see the doc next week and hope he can give me something cause I sorta been sick for more than a month now. I wasn’t sick like I was today but I’ve been coughing and have that mucus problem.

Anyways, that was my awesome bed day. Hub also called the body shop today to see if my baby was ready and she will be tomorrow cause the paint was drying. WOOHOO! They did paint it. I was so scared they wouldn’t so now I feel much better although I’m a bit scared to see it.

I feel horrible cause with me forgetting our pills at mom, hub had a hard time sleeping as well so he went to work tired. It just makes me feel so horrible. I also feel bad cause I got my friend sick. 

Well, I should finish that episode and head back to bed.




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