Same stuff,different day

Got kids to school on time. It is always interesting to observe parents at school-same groups,same looks. How come nice moms do not really stand out,they do not feel the need make a scene. I do not like those I do not know you look. I guess we all have our reasons.

My daughter came from school yesterday and told me : “ You can even help people without feeling betrayed”. So she has been helping kids in her class with schoolwork and homework so 2 boys she has been helping for awhile told her that the other girl told everybody that she has been using my daughter to get her grades up. My daughter confronted the girl, the girl went to the teacher, teacher called the boys, my daughter and the other girl. After the discussion the teacher said that now we all going to trust that girl. My daughter was a little surprised. How can you trust her? She is known to be unreliable and likes to badmouth other people. My daughter was aware of it,they have know each other since kindergarten, but they have never been friends just acquaintances. The qirl is not really good influence, but my daughter tends to help her out. Now the girl is in disbelief my daughter wants nothing to do with her. It is not the first time the girl has done something similar. My daughter is not invested in this relationship so it is easy enough,but still. Why would you treat somebody like this when they have been helping you? They are 10 years old. I am terrified about Middle school.

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