Still Want My Other…

journal….Why would someone try repeatedly to hack it? Stupid, like there is something there. They’ll never get my password anyway. Little miss finally went to the bedroom. She was being weirder then normal. Never Fear She’s a Kat…Anyway…I need to go clothing shopping for this trip, bummer….I’ve not been able to have a good Fantasy of late….eating way to much sugar. I did walk yesterday and have Yoga class this morning. So I’m trying to design a new house but I find that I draw the same thing as I use the same properties most the time and although they are different in that I have new tools and how I want it to look they tend to be to big when I try to be small and I lose touch with that idea that it’s my fantasy and the home can be how and what I want regardless. Anyway, need to get ready to go to class. I am seeing that my mind is spinning and that I’m all over the place and just don’t feel like I can concentrate on anything, like writing as I used too. But….Thanks 

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