The Heart Of Christmas

Megan Walsh is a successful businesswoman who does not seem to have enough time for her husband and two children. While taking her children trick-or-treating during Halloween, she encounters a confusing situation in which many families are decorating for Christmas (which is nearly two months away).

Their explanation is that they are trying to provide one last Christmas for Dax Locke, a toddler in their neighborhood who is dying of a rare form of leukemia (cancer) . Curious, Megan reads Dax’s mother Julie’s blog and learns about the Locke’s journey. Inspired, Megan examines her own life and priorities.
It’s the heart of Christmas that brings families together for just one night of joy, love and happiness.
It’s just heartbreaking when a family has a son that’s dying from cancer at a very young age, 4yrs old.
If that was my kid, I’d be devastated and a broken heart…

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