[170] ~*Fri – 01/19/18*~

[10:39 pm]

My hair is too long, it just is. I know the last I talked about it I said it was where it was supposed to be but it can’t be. My hair almost touches my shoulders and it never does when I have it cut. It just is too long and I can’t wait to have it cut. I’m glad I didn’t cancel my apt in the end. I’m sick and it’s making it worse cause it’s in my neck and I can just feel it and it’s quite annoying. I keep looking at it and trying to figure out where it should be and I’m not too sure. All I know for sure is that it’s too long, it looks like she forgot to cut the last layer or, I don’t know. I’ll just be glad once it’s cut and not so much in my neck anymore.

Beside my hair, I still hate myself very much so cause I called in sick, once again. I don’t recall EVER calling in sick two days in a row. It’s killing me! I just felt I needed it cause when I woke up all I did for like an hour was run from the bedroom to the bathroom to cough up some mucus. My side is still killing me so much but my cold seem to be way better. I did a LOT of sleeping in the past two days and I think it was much needed. My body will thank me for not going to work the past two days. I just hope I can get back to normal very soon. 

I might not have worked today but I still did a lot. I slept all morning and woke up at 3 pm with hub when his alarm went off. I would of stayed in bed longer but I wanted to go get my car as it was ready. I was a bit scared to see it but as far as I can see, you can’t tell at all that some work was done on it. Amazing! I was driving my car back and I had a huge smile on my face, I was so darn happy to be driving my car. Even thought I was happy, I was also scared cause I didn’t wanted to get caught with my expired sticker but I managed to get home. I did stop at McDonald’s on the way and damn, it took like 25 mins in the drive thru. All I wanted was to get home and eat. I also realized that the auto power for my windows isn’t working anymore. It can’t be cause of the body shop as they didn’t touch the door and such. I’m hoping it’s just a fuse but at worse, it won’t work anymore. At least I’ll be able to drive my car really soon. I’ll need to call the garage tomorrow to make an apt to get the other work done on it next week.

After getting home I watched a few shows and ate, then I went outside to shovel where I wanted to park my car. I washed our bed sheets to get rid of my sick germs and took a nice relaxing bath. I did some laundry, put some away and did the bed. I also vacuumed our bedroom for the heck of it, did the dishes and cleaned the suggies tray that was over due. Now I’m capoute!

I’m feeling much better but my side still hurts. I sent hub to get more NyQuil as I want to take some tonight to make sure I do sleep as I plan on working tomorrow. I have time to watch a show or two before hub gets home from work so that’s what I’ll be doing as I need to wait for him if I want to take that NyQuil before bed. I just really hope that this side pain will be gone for Sun cause if not, it will be a heck of a day at the store.




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