Adulthood is overrated

Being an adult is overrated,at least,it feels like it. Of course,being a teenage is no picnic,but still at least there is so much to learn,experience,try,feel. After you settle into adulthood with family,kids,mortgages,responsibilities,PTA some days it feels like you are just closer to death one day at a time. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids ,my pets, some days even my husband,but there is a sense of loss somewhere deep inside. I feel lonely. Stuff happened-my mother died, my daughter was verbally bullied by her former friends, my so called friend pretended like nothing happened and we had to end 9 year old friendship( with her and her daughter-my daughter’s former best friend). To some extend I had to mourn the death of my mother, loss of a friend  at the same time. I found it to be painful. My daughter is still mourning the loss of Grandma and the loss of her best friend. My 2 younger kids are in better emotional shape, but it took toll on everybody.  Maybe, I am not strong enough, I feel restless, I want to fix things,but they keep falling apart. I feel stupid,because I feel this way. 

Tomorrow is another day and I hope I can be a better person.

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