Day 17/18 of 365 2018 – Elevating to The Next Level

Song of the Day: The Man by Aloe Blacc

Well, I started off the week with some goals which I want to hold myself accountable. I wanted to do this journal every day but it’s just not plausible to me. I want these to be natural and not force. What I found work is normally every two days seems to be a good range as to when to write. I’ll write when I have something to share. Now that it flows naturally it can be more informative rather me fetching to put words down. 

Update on my mental palace: So far so good in regards to falling into the pits of depression and despair.  I’m currently in a better mental space that I’ve been for some time. Though these days my heart remains all over the place I’m committed to trusting the process.

Self Doubt often puts people in a place where you question everything. Though self-doubt is healthy one must ask the right questions.  Embrace areas where you know you can work on. I constantly battle self-doubt. I feel that I could be doing more and more than not I could be doing more. Trust the process don’t overthink it. 

Now as I leave you with these words just remember what I have to reassure myself daily. It gets better!

Until Next Time – Cherish The Tradition 

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