Hi there! 

I am here to share my journey to losing weight.

A simple introduction about myself. Currently i am 80kg and 156cm. I love to eat. I am not a believer in losing weight and dieting. I am a true believer of YOLO. So do whatever you want before its too late. I wont want to die starving and depriving myself of my favourite fattening food like briyani and ice cream and chicken wings!

So why a change of mind?

I know that you need a motivation to make the change and to look good. But nothing motivates me. It has been 31 years and i am just doing what i love. So what change my mind is that My Elder Sister is getting married!!! Yes it is a start for me actually. I have no idea why but maybe its God’s will.

There is a sudden switch that make me realise that i am not young anymore, my beloved sister is getting married and my younger sister is happily attached and i feel all alone. I have to look good at her wedding because it is the first happiest occasion happen in sooo long (many many years) and i want to look the best for her. And also i realize that i need a change. i cant change my job coz i love it, i cant change my friends coz i love them and the only change i have to make is about myself coz i realize i am not that happy when people take photos and my angles are all bad and i will be looking like a fat pumpkin. 

I know that there are people out there who thinks like me. Yes don’t force yourself to lose weight if you don’t want too. As long as you are genuinely happy with yourself and there are people who truly loves you then its okay. don’t succumb to peer pressure!

You only lose weight if you really believe in it then it makes the process meaningful and less painful. You need to find that source of motivation or realisation or whatever it is. 

I have found mine. So those who make new year resolution to lose weight, make sure that you believe in it and you really want to for whatever purpose and then it will be fulfilled.

The start was crazy!

Late december, after my holiday trip, i had no idea what to do and where to start. I am still the girl who loves rice you know.

So what i did was to sign up for a gym membership (anytime fitness) and engaging a personal trainer. A costly big step. 

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  1. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. I am trying to lose as well.

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