[171] ~*Sat – 01/20/18*~

[1:32 pm]

I really can’t wait for my car to be fix so I can drive it as sharing a car is a pain in the butt. My friend was supposed to drive hub to work today but she didn’t as she was still sick so I had to find him another drive. Our friend that works at the same place as him drove him but he was like an hour late for work.

Talking about my car, now that I look at it I kinda want to have all the rusted spots on it fix. I wonder how much that could cost. I might go get an estimate this summer or will forget about it from now to then. I need to focus on what’s important as I still need to put another big chunk of money on it for the parts that need to be fix to pass the inspection. I always said as long as I could drive the car I didn’t care about how it looked anymore but dang, the wheels wall looks so nice now. 

Anyways, I’m in between clients right now and I decided to come write cause I’m trying my very best not to go nap. I was gonna go to my friend and bring her some NyQuil to see if it would help her as she doesn’t seem to be getting any better but I just ended up coming home. I also should go get my pills but it’s Sat and Costco is hell on Sat so I think I will just wait on Mon to go get them as mom is coming here tomorrow to bring us our pills that I forgot at her place. I might just take some NyQuil tonight to help me sleep. 

So yea, I’m feeling much better and I think that my side is starting to hurt a lil less. I’m still planning on going to bed early tonight so I have plenty of rest and feel alright for the store but who knows if I will really do it. Another reason why I’m trying not to sleep right now so I can sleep earlier tonight although I’m pretty sure I will end up sleeping at the movie. I’m not too sure what we’re going to see but I believe it’s a movie I really don’t want to see.

Beside that I don’t really have anything to say, I just felt like writing.




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