Confessions of a Risin’ Star

(1 of the many I ignore. I’ve had to go to Whole Foods shopping early in the morning, to avoid being stalked and trolled by her, her connections, and whomever she intertwined. She has told checkers and her mother in law, to not talk to me, because my confidence cowers her and others. They’re women, so…Well, you know how it goes. Don’t you?)

Not too long ago, I had one of those dreams…

The kind that are way too clear, transparent, and bright, even. Those ones that you innately know are important, because they’re mystically profound, and undergirded with some sort of guidance, or wisdom…

My parents are losing (or have lost) their minds. The dream guided me not to let their insanity drive me over the edge. (IE. Amid the subconscious vision, we were in a car, that my parents were driving, and it went over the edge, but I got out before such occurred.) 

My reality of them is sad, at times, until I remember the myriads of evil I’ve befallen by way of my parents(various possible sexual assaults by they’re church clergy, friends of theirs, and relatives). I don’t take it (or too much of anything) personal, because I don’t see most as smart enough to calculate out of that type of s***, like you or I would. Bottom line, they just don’t know any better. Even when they act like they do, their eyes wean toward a dimming of intellect. Often, I look away when speaking with them; I can’t bear to see them like this (while secretly knowing it’s the only way). 

I’m becoming more evolved in living my dream. I have departed from thinking that keeping away from all these women I’m affairing is a problem. Making them wait, has developed a side of me that success somehow beckons. I’ve realized that this cost adjoins creative cultivation and freedom. I adore my separate, while noticing how it attracts more, often. 

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