Day 14 & 15

So I did not do a journal yesterday because I did not have any time last night. I did my week 2 weigh-in yesterday and I lost one pound. It was very disappointing. I tried to remind myself that everywhere you look, they say average weight loss after the first week is 1 to 2 pounds but I was really hoping I would be closer to the 2 lbs. I did not let this hinder my cheat meal yesterday though. After two weeks of following the program strictly, I told myself I deserved the cheat meal. I feel like the cheat meal helped me remain focused and ready to crush the week ahead. 


Yesterday’s food:

-Breakfast: Waffles (nutrisystem), maple syrup (2 extras) and peanut butter (power fuel).

-I skipped the AM snack.

-Lunch: Pepperoni pizza melt (nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. Again, this was like a hot pocket. However, the breading was seasoned and it was delicious! The cheese and pepperoni were plentiful so I would definitely order this again.

-PM Snack: I was going to skip it as well to save room for dinner but work had free pizza so I figured I would allow myself one slice of cheese pizza. 

-Dinner: Went out to eat and although I had a lot of different types of food, I felt like the quantity was not much so that’s good.

-Evening snack: Also skipped.


I told myself I was not going to order alcohol but I did. I do regret that. 


Today’s food:

-Breakfast: Nutriflakes cereal (nutrisystem), low fat milk (power fuel) and raw almonds (power fuel) mixed in. It wasn’t until I was done eating that I realized I ate an extra power fuel than required but glad I did because the cereal was gross. Typical corn flakes without sugar, etc. The almonds gave it more of a texture. I did not initially order this and would not order it again.

-AM Snack: I used the extra power fuel from breakfast to count towards my AM Snack.

-Lunch: White Cheddar Mac n Cheese (Nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. I was pretty excited to try this as it looked good. I put way too much water in so it was very soupy. Also, it retained so much heat that it took forever to eat. I can’t say for sure if I like it until it is cooked properly. I have some coming in my next order so I will see then.

-PM Snack: 1 slice of wheat bread (smart carb) and 1 slice of low fat colby jack cheee (power fuel).

-Dinner: Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (Nutrisystem) and two servings of vegetables. This was frozen  so it was better than the pantry item I had two weeks ago. However, it was very bland. I mixed my vegetables in it to make more of a value. I would not order this again.

-Evening snack: Fudge bar. This was a frozen chocolate bar and it was delicious! It did taste like a diet version but it was a really good portion and a good value. I probably would order this again.


I am going to try and go to the gym tomorrow & Sunday since I will be lounging on the couch a lot.

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