Depressed Potato

Nowadays, people could carelessly declare that they’re ‘depressed’.

However, for people who really have depression, it’s not just a word or a feeling that you could casually use when you’re sad or when you’re feeling blue.

Depression is like a curse. It’s like a spirit that possesses you, controls you… Your mind and life. Taboo. That’s what it is. People who suffers with depression will try their very best to conceal it. Why? because not everybody understands what it’s like.

You might think I’m exaggerating… That depression is a simple emotion and it can be controlled. Depression is like a cancer… An emotional cancer that can kill you slowly. You would come to a point when you feel so helpless and hopeless that you would beg for death because it seems to be easier than existing. You are filled with hate, anger, rage… And you think that they’re from your hormones but actually, it came from a very deep wound that you thought was already healed, but after some time the pain surfaced and it’s on a whole new level.

Not to mention that it comes with anxiety and panic attacks, unreasonable phobias or fears and habits that seem off to others – but could be considered as a coping mechanism.

I want to point out that people actually die from depression. That’s how serious this condition is. I’m happy that somehow, awareness is rising up little by little. I hope and pray that it’ll continue until majority is educated enough to know that it’s not a laughing matter.

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