Spiritual Intrusion


February, 8, 2018

8:45 am

    Last night had its moments where these intrusive negative spirit attachments stepped up there harassment. Things were fairly calm until later in the evening. About a half hour so before I went to bed, the voices started to become a bit stronger.

  The escalation at first started with the voices speaking in a rather whispery manner, but they were speaking very fast….erratic essentially. This is something that I experience quite often. It’s as if these voices were yelling at you to some degree….but they’re still whispering.

   The whispery voices soon switched over to clearer voices however, these voices I was hearing coming in over the steady background noise of my heater. Some of the voices even took on a very deep tone. I’ve observed this occurring quite a bit this week.

 Once I finally did go to bed last night, the voices and then the physical disturbances starting to pick up a bit. It took me awhile to get to sleep. I took some sleep-aid before going to bed…..and then after I couldn’t fall asleep initially, I got up and took some more. For some reason it was taking quite awhile to kick in last night. But, luckily it eventually did. It’s been couple of months since these spirit attachments deprived me of a whole night of sleep, but it does occasionally happen. I try to always have some kind of sleep-aid on hand, but sometimes it just seems like I’ve developed a tolerance for it or something and it takes quite a while to kick in. All in all though, it usually does the job of helping me to pass out quickly.

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