Spiritual Intrusion

January 31, 2018

11:26 pm


  The voices have become stronger within the past hour. This is nothing out of the ordinary, they often do become stronger as it gets later. They did get stronger for a time, but primarily, I was hearing the voices in a more whispery manner. It’s hard to describe, but often I hear them in a manner where it’s like they are yelling at me, or at least speaking in an erratic manner, but they’re still whispery.  When I hear them like this, it’s not as oppressive as when I hear them coming in over a steady background noise (most often), but since they are often speaking quickly and in an erratic manner, it can be very noticeable and sometimes tricky to tune them out.




January, 2018

  Today was a pretty typical day in regards to these negative spirit attachments. I could pick up on the presence of the voices throughout most of the day, but so far they only became quite strong and oppressive while I was driving around running some errands after work. It snowed here yesterday and it was quite cold today, so while I was driving around this afternoon, I had the heater in my car going.  For a time, the voices were coming in quite strong over the noise. I put up with it for a while simply because it was so cold, but I eventually had enough and shut off the heater.

   I was also experiencing some minor physical disturbances while I was at work today. “They” are still doing this tactic where now they are hitting with the physical disturbances more now throughout the day…..especially while I’m at work. I was most often just experiencing these physical disturbances at night. But, it would seem that they’re switching up tactics once again….or at least shuffling the same old ones around a bit. In fact, they just started jabbing me through my chair as I’m sitting here writing this. It seems they don’t like what I have to say. Well, I’ll see how the rest of the night goes.




January, 2018

   These negative spirit attachments have been moderately active this evening. It’s colder out, so I’m running my heater. As a result of this, I’m hearing the voices a bit louder since they are coming in over background noise. However, I’ve been hearing the voices in a whispery manner quite a bit this evening as well. So, it’s been a bit of a mix tonight in how I’ve been hearing them.

  There have been a few incidents so far this evening when I’ve felt the physical disturbances, but so far tonight, it hasn’t been anything too intense. They’ve been saying the same kinds of things this evening…..nothing really new there. Earlier, I heard a voice say “we’re surrounding your planet.” But, this is nothing new. I hear them making statements such as this all of the time. I don’t think I’ve been hearing them talking about how they are “higher life forms” all that much this evening. This is a bit surprising to me, because I would say that it is definitely still the most frequent thing that I hear them say and this has been so for the past year now.


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