Hiding from the Boss

I am hiding from the boss this weekend. I said I was going to be gone out of town for today. I look forward to my weekends, to just spend time at home, do laundry, clean house, watch a little t.v. if I want. Just unplugging from the week. So much happening at work. We have one employee down for being sick, yes..she is very sick. We have another employee who asked for the weekend off.  Then another employee, who can’t work all the time, except for every other weekend, because her husband works weekends every other weekend, and she has no weekend day care. So, that leaves me, and my other co-worker to hold down the cafe. My bosses, can work, but they will do anything not to step foot into the building, until they have to be there. My lady boss, was supposed to work this weekend, due to the sick employee, and the one who asked off for the weekend.  We thought things were okay, yet; all of a sudden, my lady boss called while I was at work, and asked me to stay over, until Mar got to work. I guess my lady boss slipped in some mud, fell down, hit her lower back on the cement, and hit her head. Yet as busy as our street is in front of the cafe, nobody seen this, my woman boss did come in and did tell us she fell, but yet there was no evidence on her back side of the nature kind that she actually did fall. Deep down I call bullshit on this one. She may have slipped, for her elbow, is a little scraped up. YET there was no other evidence of her falling or slipping, and hitting her head. HELL, when she came into the cafe, she wasn’t even holding her head, or lower back. Like people often do when something like that happens. Well, my other co-worker came into work. She was on her 8th day. I did mention what I witnessed. That was all I said. I know for some reason, that I would be called to work this morning or tonight. I don’t want to do it. I am always the go to person when something happens. Two weeks ago, I was called because the lady boss sprained her ankle, and I had to go to work, on a Saturday night.

Saturday nights are awful. It is prime rib night. Between all the baked potatoes, salads, and horseradish, there is so much goop to scoop. Butter, Sour cream, salad dressings, and horseradish. I wear most of that shit. IF they did not serve prime rib EVERY Saturday, I may even take on a shift here and there. Which now brings me to…I’m in hiding. I live in a very small town, all my co-workers live here, so do the bosses. So I stay in hiding. I keep my phone on silent. I am tired of bailing them out. So is Mar. They, the bosses, need to work it out, and figure out who the real team players are, and work the voided shifts themselves, and hire different people. 

Today, is payday. We usually get our checks on Friday, if our pay day is on a Saturday. Well, that hasn’t happened. Why? Because the scattered brained, woman boss, who does her books, every two months, if even, realized that her insurance took out of their bank account over $2400.00 for insurance. A whole year! The insurance is supposed to take out $200 a month, but they took out a whole year just the other day! It was her payroll. So now all of us employees, have to wait until she gets her money back. NOT fair! IF she would do her book work every day, like actual good owners she would have caught it early on. So because of her fuck up, we get punished. NO wonder why her head hurts, it’s not because of her fall, it’s because she probably pounded her head against a wall.  That place is starting to irritate me. The sad thing is, is that I love working there! It is just the owner’s/bosses who are so lazy, flaky, micro-managers. 

I just go to work now days, I remain quiet. Do my job and go home. I have 17plus years of management, under my belt. Mar, who also holds the place down, has many years of Bar/restaurant management, J, our morning chef, has 25plus years of kitchen management under his belt. OUR woman boss, gets defensive when an issue is brought up, and actually talks down to us. I think she feels threatened by us, who by the way is their power team. So that is why she talks down to us, show us HER power, because she doesn’t know what the hell she is doing. She doesn’t even know how to file things. She shoves stuff in a big manila envelope, like employee stuff, paperwork stuff, she doesn’t even have a file cabinet to look stuff up. She has to dig through a box to find an employee file, IF she even made one that is. When any of us make a “suggestion” or try to help her out, with things like inventory lists, or schedules, or a product that has not come in, she talks to every single one of us like we are stupid, yet she complains so and so always calls in sick, why things were not put on a shopping list, or how to handle a product that did not come in, even though SHE is standing right there, and not her hubby, who is always MIA on HIS time off. The real problem is not the people who are working for them, it is THEM. They are imploding. They won’t take suggestions, or anything. So what I do is, just go to work, do my job, then go home, and the weekends, I end up hiding, keeping my phone on silent. Hate being this way, but I gotta do what I gotta do.   

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  1. I haven’t been on the site for about a week. I caught up with all your entries tonight. I don’t blame you hiding in the weekends, it’s unfair for you to give the job your all, all week long and them be expected to cover for people who don’t seem to give a shit. And it is complete garbage that they don’t have the money to pay you checks this week. If you didn’t seem to like your job as much as you do I would say may be time to apply elsewhere. Hope u have a relaxing remaining weekend.

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