A house, a family

Material things

Everything’s lovely

All the joy they bring


Will they always represent ‘home’?

Trials come and go

Keep them all intact

Or all will burn like Rome

Thanks to Nero


A group of friends

Fun and games

Be yourself; don’t pretend

but which ones are harmless

jokes or something to shame?


Will they represent the substitute

of the ‘home’ you miss?

Will you remain in solitude

and no longer have that once societal bliss?


Neighbourhood, communities

Smaller bits that form a country

How to keep them close together

without potential harm on each other?


Will they always represent ‘home’?

How come some get all the terrirory,

while others have to flee?

The answers never satisfy me.


Planet Earth with all its worth

all mortals should deserve

but some believe they earn more,

banishing others for keeping scores…


We’re supposed to share this temporary ‘home’,

yet many of us have planted too many time bombs

inside and out,

until one day – when we’ll all be left without…


Will they always represent ‘home’?



(Jakarta, 13/9/2017 – 3:40 pm)

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