I spent the week in and out of the hospital. Finally beginning to feel better for the most part. The abscess is still there and filled with pus, causing my throat to still swell shut. The steroids help to eat, but my diet is still very limited as to what I can swollow. Yet there’s nothing else they can “drain”. 

Pretty much I have to see the ENT specialist. They’ll most likely take my tonsils out. Which is apparently very painful for someone as old as me. Just my luck. 

I finally get to go back to work tomorrow. I’ve pretty much been off for a week. My last attempt to work was Friday. We had a job in columbus, traveled down there did one job, and took my ass right back to the hospital. Ive either been home, or at D’s house. Nice to be taken care of 😁😁

Off to take my pound of meds and take a nap. 

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