[172] ~*Sun – 01/21/18*~

[11:57 pm]

I really can’t wait to see the doc on Tue and just hopes he can help me out cause this is insane. My throat felt so blocked off last night that all I wanted to do was cry as it kept me from sleeping. I finally managed to fall asleep but got woken up with a big scared cause I felt like someone was choking me and I couldn’t breath right so I got coughing and felt so very dizzy. I just felt so wrong this morning but of course I didn’t wanted to go to the ER cause I had to work at the store and I’m in charge when I work there so obviously I can’t call myself sick. Blah! After an hour or so of being working I started feeling better but that ball in my throat is always there and I just don’t know anymore. I always thought it was some mucus but I’m starting to be scared it’s something more serious. Two more days and I might know more. I just really hope it can be fix and soon. 

So back to yesterday, we went to see 12 Strong which is an army movie so I didn’t think I’d enjoy it at all but found myself liking the movie and I didn’t fall asleep which is a big surprise as I hadn’t napped before the movie. Yay me! After the movie I went over to my friend to bring her some NyQuil and she finally got the shower curtain I had ordered for her. I’m still sad my surprise didn’t turn out as I had planned as I had to ask her about the delivery but she was still super happy about it. As for my purse, it’s at customs and hub’s RAM made it to the PC place so hopefully he will receive new ones soon so he can play his game although he doesn’t seem to be depressed anymore. 

My day at work was fine as I had good staff today. I wish every day I work was with today’s staff. Mom also came to the store to give me my pills which was very nice of her to drive two hours to bring them to me. She came with a friend and they went to the Casino so it wasn’t just for me. Haha!

Nothing much is going on beside all of that. I need to call the garage tomorrow to see when they can take my car in and I should get it back by next week. Woohoo! Hub said that if what happened with me last night happens again tonight that I won’t be going to work tomorrow, that I’d be going to the hospital. Pfft! I really hope it doesn’t happen again. I’m feeling that ball right now as I lay in bed writing and I just want to cry as I’ve been coughing and a deep one and no mucus has been coming up so I’m starting to believe it’s something else than mucus at this point. I’ll be taking a sleeping pill tonight as I finally have some so maybe I’ll be sleeping better even thought the feeling in the throat is quite annoying. 

I’m trying to be good and sleep at decent time so I should prob get ready if I still want to be doing that as I have about 20 mins if I want to get my eight hours sleep. Most Mondays my morning client cancels but I have a feeling she won’t be doing that tomorrow so I need my sleep. 




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