Day 16

I have a new goal. I would like to work out 4 times this week. I went today and can easily go tomorrow, so will try to go Tuesday and Wednesday after work. I had to take inventory of my pantry items & frozen items to make sure I am not going to be stuck with all pantry items the last week. I decided to continue planning out my week so it makes it easier knowing what days I will flex, and I can just grab and go. 



-Breakfast: Today I flexed my breakfast. I had 1 slice of wheat bread (smart carb), 1 slice of low fat colby jack cheese (power fuel) and 1 scrambled egg (PF). I put red pepper flakes in the egg to add some flavor.

-AM snack: Unsalted dry peanuts (PF)

-Lunch: Double chocolate caramel bar (Nutrisystem). This was one of the items that I am trying to dwindle down before my actual choices come next month. I do not think the bars are a good value but this one was at least very tasty. I would not order it again due to value perception.

-PM Snack: Low calorie apple juice (SC), tuna (PF), mayo (extra) and 2 servings of vegetables.

-Dinner: I had another BBQ seasoned chicken (NS) and a wheat bun with two servings of vegetables. As I described last time, the flavor is good and there is so much chicken that it needs to be eaten open-faced, which is good. But, I do not eat the buns fast enough before they go bad so therefore, would not eat it again.

-Evening Snack: White cheddar popcorn (NS). This was very good. It is not AS flavorful as the Smartfood brand but still good. What I really liked was the amount that was given. It definitely was more than I would have expected. I have a few of these coming in my next order.

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